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Dough ‘cha know Qunify is throwing a fundraiser to celebrate one year of making and creating new spaces for LGBTQ+ people to be safe, visible, and comfortable? Help us raise some dough to continue building the Qunify community for years to come!

Qunify grew out of the need for a community organization whose primary focus was to create and make new spaces for all LGBTQ+ people to feel safe, comfortable, and visible. Our goals for this upcoming year are to ensure that Qunify is a sustainable organization; continue to improve the economic and physical accessibility of events; expand our scope to reach LGBTQ+ people of all generations; and properly compensate more LGBTQ+ labor.

Money donated to Qunify will help:
  1. Compensate LGBTQ+ performers, artists, speakers, creators, etc.
  2. Purchase equipment to make more spaces physically accessible to differently abled members of our community
  3. Improve our social reach to introduce more folks to our community
  4. Make physically accessible venues financially obtainable
  5. Increase our ability to host economically accessible events
  6. Cover operating costs that make our mission possible
If you'd prefer to support us in person, join us on October 21 for our fundraiser at ColorSpace Laps. We'd love to see you for an afternoon with live music, a silent auction, exciting performances, and unforgettable company. 

Qunify’s success is built on inclusivity, diversity, and empathy. We are proud to be a women and POC centered, volunteer run, fiscally sponsored organization. We’re asking for some dough, so we can keep our flow! All funds raised by the community will be used for the community.

Qunify is a fiscally sponsored organization by CultureTrust of Greater Philadelphia. That also means all of your donations are tax deductible! Also we'd love if you could see if your employer could match your contribution. Please check for EIN: 46-3109411

$3,012 RAISED

$3,000 GOAL

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This campaign has ended.